The NSNU affiliates with other nursing and labour organizations across the country, including the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions and its member organizations, the Canadian Labour Congress, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, and others. We support their campaigns, and encourage NSNU member involvement where possible.

Mental Disorder Symptoms Among Nurses in Canada

A first-of-its-kind study on mental disorders among Canada’s nurses has been released today, revealing widespread and severe symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, burnout and other conditions. The study, Mental Disorder Symptoms Among Nurses in Canada, is based on pan-Canadian data from 7,358 regulated nurses (RNs, LPNs, RPNs, NPs), collected in 2019 by the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions and researchers Nicholas Carleton, PhD, and Andrea Stelnicki, PhD, of the University of Regina.

NSFL Paid Sick Days Campaign

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour has launched a letter writing campaign urging the government to ensure 10 paid sick days to all Nova Scotians, in accordance with a commitment made by the federal government.

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