Our Vision 
As a Union, we have the courage to lead, confidence to challenge, commitment to care.

Our Mission
The Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union advances the social, economic and work lives of nurses.

Our Values
Integrity and Professionalism - We believe that fair representation must be guided at all times by the highest standards of integrity which in turn compels us to maintain a professional approach in all that we do.

Accountability and Transparency - We believe we are ultimately accountable to our members and this is demonstrated through transparent decision-making processes and results reporting.

Communication and Education – We believe open communication and education are prerequisites for building a strong, cohesive and effective nurses’ union.

Compassion and Caring - We believe we must consistently demonstrate compassion and caring for our nurses.

Democracy - We believe democratic practices advance society, our members’ well-being, and our internal and external work as a union.

Solidarity - We believe in the power of solidarity by harnessing collective power and common goals, ideals and values.

Political Action - We believe maintaining a non-partisan stance enables us to be more effective in our political activity in advocating for positive public policy.

Quality Health Care - As a union, we consistently reassert our fundamental support for the principles of the Canada Health Act that laid the foundation for a publicly funded health care system for Canadians.

Advocacy and Representation - We believe we must be guided by the principle of equity in our advocacy and representation activities.

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