NSNU Influenza Immunization Campaign 2021

This year, it’s more important than ever that health care workers get the flu shot.

A spike in COVID-19 cases has put pressure on our already strained healthcare system. Compounding that reality is the threat of a potentially difficult and prolonged flu season.

As nurses, we understand that every precaution must be taken to stay healthy, especially during a pandemic. It’s critical that nurses are provided with appropriate personal protective equipment and that we avoid risk in both our personal and professional lives.

Getting a flu shot in addition to your COVID-19 vaccine will give us an advantage during this flu season. A flu shot can help us stay healthier while also protecting others – our loved ones, co-workers, friends and neighbours.

As nurses, you are well informed, but sometimes we all need a little encouragement and support to get through difficult times. This flu season could be one of those times. If you do become sick, take care, stay home and get the attention you need.

Let’s do our best to stay strong and healthy this flu season. Be flu fighters so that we can continue to care for others.

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Why is it so important for everyone, not just immunocompromised Nova Scotians, to get the flu shot this year? 

With both influenza and the COVID-19 pandemic at large, there is the chance that there could be co-infections, which could have serious consequences. People may also think they have the flu and disregard their symptoms, when in fact they might have COVID, and vice versa. People are starting to become complacent, they have COVID-19 fatigue, they want to see loved ones and get back to some sense of normal – all these things can contribute to us letting our guard down which could lead to the spread of the flu and COVID-19.

What impacts could a “twindemic” (simultaneous flu and COVID activity) have on the healthcare system?

If Nova Scotia was to experience an outbreak of COVID-19 during the flu season, the impact could be devasting. In a regular flu season, our emergency departments are overcrowded, and getting an appointment to see a primary care provider can be a challenge. Additional stress on the system and our health care workers could be catastrophic.

What should people do to continue to protect themselves this flu season?

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine, masking, physical distancing and good hand hygiene will continue to be very important. Getting the flu shot is extra protection. We do not know how COVID-19 will present and we do not know the extent to which co-infections will occur. Getting the flu vaccine can help keep many Nova Scotians, not just high-risk individuals, healthier this flu season.

How can you tell if you have the flu or COVID?

Well, it might be difficult to tell. They can both present with fever, muscle pain, sore throat, and non-productive cough. Without a COVID test it might be difficult to determine which you have. In any case, getting the shot may eliminate the worry of wondering if you have COVID or the flu. And, if you do become ill, stay home until you’re feeling better.

If we all comply to COVID safeguards (masking, good hand hygiene, physical distancing) and get the flu shot, could this be a year with less illness and hospitalizations? 

In some areas of the world, Australia for instance, there appeared to be less influenza, likely because of safeguards and flu shots. That’s good news for everyone.

We’re hearing that getting a shot this year may present some challenges – how so?

There may be a surge in people wanting to get the shot, and because of protocols put in place for physical distancing, it could take longer to get an appointment with your pharmacist or primary care provider. Best to call ahead to book an appointment. The province in already running low on high-dose vaccines.

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