Each Area VP shall be responsible to chair a Bursary Committee for their Area. Each Bursary Committee shall consist of two (2) other members elected during a meeting of the Area normally held at the Annual General Meeting during a year where elections are taking place. 

On an annual fiscal basis, the Union shall allocate two thousand dollars ($2000) per Area in bursary funds for members of that Area to use for educational workshops, seminars, certificate programs, or courses related to the job of a member. 

$500 is allocated towards bursaries each quarter, with any remaining moeny at the end of each quarter being carried to the final quarter of the year. 

The deadlines to apply for each quarter are as follows:
Q1 - March 31
Q2 - June 30
Q3 - September 30
Q4 - November 30
(to account for any left over funds from previous quartersm and to ensure all payments are processed before the end of the year)

Members in the Area shall apply to the appropriate Bursary Committee and shall include their name, the name of their NSNU Local, their address, the educational activity attended, including the date, location and description of the topic and a receipt for the fees paid. Submissions should be made in the year that the course takes place, however the committee will accept applications that have receipts which are dated within 2 months of the current calendar year (For example, members can submit receipts from November/ December of 2023 in 2024).

The regional committees intend to meet within two weeks of each of the respective deadlines. Approved bursary amounts are forwarded by the Bursary Committee to the Provincial Union office where cheques will be produced and forwarded to the member.

The bursary shall be used by the member to help defray the costs of registration fees for the educational activity.

NSNU Regional Bursary Application

The regional bursary form should be completed and submitted to your regional vice president at the contact listed below:

Anne Boutilier, Central Vice-President
anne.boutilier [at] nsnu.ca (anne[dot]boutilier[at]nsnu[dot]ca)

Laurie Forrest, Eastern Vice-President
laurie.forrest [at] nsnu.ca

Denise Elms, Northern Vice-President
denise.elms [at] nsnu.ca

Tracy d'Entremont, Western Vice-President
tracy.d'entremont [at] nsnu.ca

Natalie Nymark, IWK Vice-President
natalie.nymark [at] nsnu.ca (natalie[dot]nymark[at]nsnu[dot]ca) 

Glenna Rowsell Memorial Scholarship to Eastern Labour School
The Union shall provide a sum of money in each budget sufficient to fund one Member to attend Eastern Labour School in a year when Eastern Labour School will be held. 
The Education Committee shall select the recipient of the Glenna Rowsell Memorial Scholarship based on the following criteria: 

  • Must be a Member in good standing at the time of application 
  • Must be a first-time applicant
  • Must be interested in attending the General Labour Relations course
  • The application form must be completed and received by the Education Committee by the deadline set by the committee each year
  • The application form may be completed by an individual Member or by a Local who wishes to nominate an individual Member


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