Regional Bursaries

A sum of $1,500 per region per year is available for Education. Unused funds are not carried forward into the next fiscal year. To qualify for the financial assistance, the following criteria must be met:

  • The grant must be used for Educational Workshops, Seminars or original certificate programs or courses related to a member's job.
  • These funds are to help defray the cost of registration fees for workshops or seminars.
  •  A committee of three members is to be established in each region. The committee shall determine who will receive financial assistance. The Chair may be someone other than the regional representative.
  • On the 15th of each month, the Chair will review with the Committee members, any application(s) received. Those applying for assistance from the financial assistance fund should send their name, name of Local, address, name of Workshop, including a description or outline of the workshop, to the regional chair of the committee.
  • The Financial Assistance Committee requires the member to submit receipts to the Chair.

NSNU Regional Bursary Application Form

The regional bursary form should be completed electronically and submitted to your regional vice president at the contact listed below:

Anne Boutilier, VP Central Region
anne.boutilier [at]

Gerri Oakley, VP Eastern Region
gerri.oakley [at]

Donna Gillis, VP Northern Region
donna.gillis [at]

Michelle Lowe, VP Western Region
michelle.lowe [at]

Natalie Nymark, VP IWK
natalie.nymark [at] 


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