Education Premiums

Education Premiums vary by Collective Agreement and nursing classification. Examples of Education Premiums found in Acute Care include:

  •         Post Graduate Programs
  •         B.N. or B.Sc.N.
  •         Masters Degree in Nursing

Nurses may also be eligible for Nursing Practice and Nursing Leadership Premiums.These premiums are offered to qualifying nurses to recognize and encourage nursing leadership activities.

In order to be eligible for one or both premiums, a nurse must earn a sufficient number of points for each premium.The list of activities eligible for points, along with the amount of premium paid, can be found in the article pertaining to Nursing Practice and Leadership Premiums in your Collective Agreement.

The deadline to submit for leadership and practice premiums is October 31 of each year.

Claim Forms

Forms Photo

Claim forms for acute care nurses are available to download as PDF or Word documents. For long-term care and community care nurses, please refer to your collective agreement when assigning points to your activities.

Leadership Premium claim form 

Practice Premium claim form

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