NSNU Labour Relations Representatives (LRR) are able to answer your questions and provide advice on issues such as grievances, contracts and legal advice. NSNU Labour Relations staff, whom have nursing and human resources backgrounds, regularly travel to communities throughout the province to stay in contact with Locals and build relationships with members.

Labour Relations Representative Assignments

As is our practice, the NSNU has made changes to Labour Relations assignments. Where there have been a number of NSNU staff changes and recent reforms to the Health Authority zoning, staff assignments for the Labour Relations Representatives have been modified accordingly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Labour Relations Representative.

LRR Assignments



Patti Humphries
Labour Relations Representative | RN/LPN Professional Practice Advisor

☎ 902-468-0723 | 1-800-410-8846
patti.humphries [at]

Angela McKenna
Labour Relations Representative | LPN/Grad Staff Advisor

☎ 902-468-6784 | 1-800-449-4562
angela.mckenna [at]

Shannon Wark
Labour Relations Representative | Long Term Care Component Staff Advisor

☎ 902-468-0793 | 1-800-410-9029
shannon.wark [at]

Lilo Wessels
Labour Relations Representative | Mental Health & Addictions Consultant

☎ 902-468-0284 | 1-800-576-5380
lilo.wessels [at]

Farrel Huculak
Labour Relations Representative | Community Care Staff Advisor

☎ 902-468-0864 
farrel.huculak [at]

Wendy Johnson
Labour Relations Representative 

☎ 902-468-6914
wendy.johnson [at]


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