Who is My LRR?

NSNU Labour Relations Representatives (LRR) are able to answer your questions and provide advice on issues such as grievances, contracts and legal advice. NSNU Labour Relations staff, whom have nursing and human resources backgrounds, regularly travel to communities throughout the province to stay in contact with Locals and build relationships with members.

Labour Relations Representative Assignments

As is our practice, the NSNU has made changes to Labour Relations assignments. Where there have been a number of NSNU staff changes and recent reforms to the Health Authority zoning, staff assignments for the Labour Relations Representatives have been modified accordingly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Labour Relations Representative.

Select your sector from the options below to find the LRR assigned to your Local.

Acute Care

Aberdeen Hospital - Patti Humphries
All Saints Springhill Hospital - Patti Humphries
Annapolis Comm Health Ctr -Lilo Wessels
Bayview Memorial - Patti Humphries
Buchanan Memorial Hospital - Shannon Wark
Cape Breton Regional Hospital - Shannon Wark
Cobequid Community Health Ctr - Lilo Wessels
Colchester Regional - Patti Humphries
Cumberland Regional Health Care - Patti Humphries
Dartmouth General Hospital -Lilo Wessels
Digby General Hospital - Lilo Wessels
Eastern Memorial Hospital -Shannon Wark
Eastern Shore Mem Hospital - Lilo Wessels
Fishermans Memorial Hospital (HSAS) - Lilo Wessels
Glace Bay Integrated Hospital - Shannon Wark
Guysborough Mem Hospital - Shannon Wark
Hants Community Hospital - Lilo Wessels
Inverness Consol Hospital - Shannon Wark
IWK Health Centre - Carl Quinlan
Lillian Fraser Mem Hospital - Patti Humphries
Musquodoboit Valley Mem Hosp - Lilo Wessels
New Waterford Consolidated - Shannon Wark
North Cumberland Memorial - Patti Humphries
Northside Harbourview Hosp - Shannon Wark
Queens General Hospital - Lilo Wessels
Roseway Hospital - Lilo Wessels
Sacred Heart Hospital - Shannon Wark
Soldiers Memorial Hospital - Lilo Wessels
South Cumberland Comm Care - Patti Humphries
South Shore Regional Hospital (HSAS) - Lilo Wessels
St. Martha's regional hospital - Shannon Wark
St. Mary's Hospital - Shannon Wark
Strait Richmond Hospital - Shannon Wark
Sutherland Harris Memorial - Patti Humphries
Twin Oaks Memorial Hospital - Lilo Wessels
Valley Regional Hospital - Lilo Wessels
Victoria County Memorial - Shannon Wark
Western Kings Memorial - Lilo Wessels
Yarmouth Regional Hospital - Lilo Wessels

Community Care

Canadian Blood Services - Carl Quinlan
Digby/Clare Home Support Society - Angela McKenna
VON Annapolis Valley - Angela McKenna
VON Antigonish - Angela McKenna
VON Cape Breton - Angela McKenna
VON Colchester/East Hants - Angela McKenna
VON Cumberland - Angela McKenna
VON Digby County - Angela McKenna
VON Lunenburg - Angela McKenna
VON of Greater Halifax - Angela McKenna
VON Pictou County - Angela McKenna
VON Queens - Angela McKenna
VON Shelburne - Angela McKenna
VON Yarmouth - Angela McKenna
Yarmouth/Argyle Home Support - Angela McKenna

Long Term Care

Admiral (Glades), The - Patti Humphries
Alderwood Rest Home - Shannon Wark
Annapolis Royal Nursing Home - Angela McKenna
Arborstone Enhanced Care - Carl Quinlan
Bayside Home - Angela McKenna
Birches, The - Lilo Wessels
Bissett Court - Carl Quinlan
Blomidon Court - Carl Quinlan
Braeside Home (Musq Valley) - Lilo Wessels
Breton Ability Centre (Braemore Home) - Shannon Wark
Cedarstone Enhanced Care - Carl Quinlan
Celtic Court - Carl Quinlan
Centennial/Gables - Patti Humphries
Cove Guest Home - Shannon Wark
Debert Court - Carl Quinlan
Dykeland Lodge - Angela McKenna
Elk Court - Carl Quinlan
Foyer Pere Fiset - Shannon Wark
Glasgow Hall - Carl Quinlan
Glen Haven Manor - Patti Humphries
Harbourstone Enhanced Care - Carl Quinlan
Heart of The Valley LTC - Patti Humphries
High Crest Home - Carl Quinlan
Highland Manor - Shannon Wark
Hillside Pines Home for Special Care - Angela McKenna
Inverary Manor - Shannon Wark
Ivany Place - Lilo Wessels
Ivy Meadows Continuing Care - Lilo Wessels
Kings Reg Rehab Centre - Angela McKenna
Lewis Hall - Carl Quinlan
Macgillivray Guest Home - Shannon Wark
Maple Hill Manor - Shannon Wark
Maplestone Enhanced Care - Carl Quinlan
Maritime Odd Fellows Home - Patti Humphries
Mary's Court - Carl Quinlan
Melville Gardens - Patti Humphries
Melville Lodge Care Centre - Patti Humphries
Milford Haven - Carl Quinlan
Miners Memorial Manor - Shannon Wark
Mira, The - Patti Humphries
Mountain Lea Lodge - Angela McKenna
North Queens Nursing Home - Angela McKenna
Northside Comm Guest Home - Shannon Wark
Northumberland Hall - Carl Quinlan
Northwoodcare Halifax Inc - Lilo Wessels
Oakwood Terrace - Lilo Wessels
Ocean View Continuing Care - Lilo Wessels
Orchard Court - Carl Quinlan
Parkstone Enhanced Care - Carl Quinlan
Port Hawkesbury Nursing Home - Carl Quinlan
Queens Manor - Angela McKenna
Quest - Lilo Wessels
Richmond Villa - Carl Quinlan
RK Macdonald Nursing Home - Carl Quinlan
Ryan Hall - Carl Quinlan
Sagewood, The - Lilo Wessels
Seaview Manor - Shannon Wark
Shiretown/Ivey's Terrace - Patti Humphries
Shoreham Village Senior Citizens Association - Angela McKenna
St Anne Comm & Nursing Care Ctr - Carl Quinlan
St Vincent's Guest Home - Lilo Wessels
Surf Lodge Community Care Centre - Angela McKenna
Tideview Terrace - Angela McKenna
Valley View Villa - Patti Humphries
Victoria Haven Nursing Home - Shannon Wark
Villa St. Joseph - Angela McKenna
Vimy Court - Carl Quinlan
Whitehills LTC - Patti Humphries
Windsor Elms - Angela McKenna
Wolfville Nursing Home - Angela McKenna

Patti Humphries

Labour Relations Representative
LPN/Grad Staff Advisor
RN/LPN Professional Practice Advisor
902-468-0723 / 1-800-410-8846 

Shannon Wark

Labour Relations Representative
Long Term Care Component Staff Advisor
902-468-0793 / 1-800-410-9029

Angela McKenna

Labour Relations Representative
Community Care Staff Advisor
902-468-6784 / 1-833-449-4562


Lilo Wessels

Labour Relations Representative
Mental Health and Addictions Consultant
902-468-0284 / 1-800-576-5380

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