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NSNU Members Vote in Favour of Council of Unions

April 2, 2015

The NSNU membership has voted decisively in favour of adopting the Council of Unions model for collective bargaining.

Over the past few weeks membership votes have been held by all four health care unions, NSNU, CUPE, NSGEU and Unifor. Our vote ended after six days of active polling with over 95% of those who voted, voting in favour of the new bargaining model.

We are pleased our NSNU members have voted in favour of adopting the Council of Unions model. We are eager to move forward with our fellow health care unions and getting back to the business of representing our members at the bargaining table.

Telephone Town Hall Meeting and Voting

March 24, 2015

The government has agreed to allow the health care unions to bargain acute care agreements collectively in Councils of Unions. Acute care RNs, LPNs and NPs will bargain within the nursing unit. Negotiations will be led by a Chief Negotiator from NSNU, with a Deputy Chief Negotiator from the NSGEU. The Council of Unions only applies to collective bargaining in the acute care sector.

We wish to remind members that the Nurses’ Union has scheduled two telephone Town Halls for tomorrow, March 25th, one at 2 p.m. and one at 7 p.m., in order to educate members about the new bargaining process. Each town hall meeting will last about an hour. To participate, simply remain on the line when you are called at the primary number we have listed for you in our database. If you miss the call please phone the NSNU while the Town Hall is in progress at 1-800-469-1474 / 902-469-1474 and staff will connect you.

If you wish to ask a question for the host, Janet Hazelton, NSNU president to respond to during the call please email your questions or comments to

Prior to the Council being enacted, each union is seeking acceptance of the new model by its membership before presenting it to the Labour Board. Voting for NSNU members will take place from 9 a.m. on Thursday, March 26th to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 31st. The NSNU will be using the polling mechanism on MyNSNU ( to conduct the vote. If you have misplaced your login credentials, or if you are unable to vote online but wish to have a say, please contact the NSNU office at 1-800-469-1474 / 902-469-1474 or email or for assistance.

NSNU members in all sectors will have the opportunity to vote on the new collective bargaining model. The NSNU Board of Directors is recommending a ‘Yes’ vote.

Your Board of Directors kindly asks that you share this information with your co-workers who may not have heard about the town hall meetings and voting as not all NSNU have up-to-date personal or work email addresses and/or phone numbers listed in our database.

Health Care Unions to Maintain Membership, Bargain Collectively Under Councils

March 16, 2015

On Friday, March 13, leaders from the four provincial health care unions held a joint press conference to announce the solution for union representation of Nova Scotia health care workers in acute care.

The Province and unions representing all employees of the District Health Authorities and the IWK have resolved the outstanding labour representation issues presented under Bill 1 (the Health Authorities Act).

As of April 1, each of the four unions - NSNU, CUPE, NSGEU and Unifor - will continue to represent their members, but bargain collective agreements jointly within four Councils of Unions: Nursing, Health Care, Administrative Professionals (Clerical) and Support Services.

The agreed-upon structure differs from the bargaining association model previously suggested by the unions in that each Council will be led by one union. This means that the lead union representative will serve as Chief Negotiator and the second union representative will serve as Deputy Chief Negotiator, as follows: 

Nursing negotiations will be led by a Chief Negotiator from NSNU, with a Deputy Chief Negotiator from the NSGEU;

Health Care negotiations will be led by a Chief Negotiator from NSGEU, with a Deputy Chief Negotiator from CUPE;

Administrative Professionals (formerly known as Clerical) negotiations will be led by a Chief Negotiator from CUPE, with a Deputy Chief Negotiator from the NSGEU;

Support Services negotiations will be led by a Chief Negotiator from Unifor, with a Deputy Chief Negotiator from the NSGEU.

The Council of Unions only applies to bargaining, all else remains the same for members of the NSNU.

This has been a very challenging time for health care workers and for the labour movement as a whole. Throughout this process, the goal of all the unions has been to maintain their membership and we have succeeded in doing so with this agreement. We are pleased the government has agreed to work with the unions to find a solution that will meet their goal of streamlining collective bargaining, while respecting workers’ rights.

More detailed information will be available to members once documents have reached the final approval process and more is known with regard to the processes. 

Until that time, any member with a comment or question is encouraged to email

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