Retroactive Payments for NSNU Nurses in Long Term Care

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Retroactive Payments for NSNU Nurses in Long Term Care 

Please be advised that, stemming from the recently settled NSNU contract extension, Long Term Care Employers will provide retroactive wages owing to NSNU nurses.

Written notice for retroactive wages owing to NSNU nurses who are no longer employed in LTC must be received by the Employer before March 1, 2019.

This common date by which a nurse must apply for retroactivity is being offered to ensure nurses who may have changed employers receive equitable treatment across the long-term care system.

If you are still working in long term care and your Employer has not paid your retro, please contact your Labour Relations Representative.  

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please email

Wage scales are located in the PDF links posted below.

*This funding is restricted to NSNU nursing positions that are funded by the Department of Health and Wellness.

2016-2020 Wage Rates - 2080 Hours

2016-2020 Wage Rates - 1950 Hours

2016-2020 Northwood Wage Rates - 2080 Hours