NSNU Office Closure, Meeting Protocols and Event Cancellations

NSNU Office Closure

In compliance with the government's precautionary measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the NSNU made significant, yet necessary operational decisions this week. NSNU’s leadership has decided to move operations off-site until further notice and put meeting protocols in place for staff.

These decisions were made with careful consideration and in the best interests of our members, staff, and all visitors to our office and the public at large. NSNU is committed to providing remote services during this pandemic.

We will continue to support members and locals. However, we are urging staff to restrict in-person meetings during this period in an effort to flatten the curve of the virus, and recommend that Local Executives also limit in-person meetings. All non-essential meetings will be postponed or cancelled for the time being. We will make an effort to provide video/teleconferencing options whenever possible. Members should be aware that there may be some brief delays in service as staff transition to working remotely.

For the past several weeks the NSNU has been communicating directly with members via e-memos, phone calls and email, while also sharing COVID-19 information on social media and our website. This practice will continue as will our ongoing efforts to ensure your safety and the protection of your rights.

Your ability to provide quality healthcare during the pandemic is essential. NSNU will compel your employers to keep this at the forefront of their decision-making. As nurses, you will not abandon patients or communities needing care, regardless of the risks, but you are not reckless. You must continue to make informed choices about your potential for exposure based on the best available evidence. Reliable sources for information include many of your colleagues, Public Health Agency of Canada, the World Health Organization, CFNU, NSNU and Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer.

Please continue to regularly check your email for memos and important updates. This issue is evolving rapidly, therefore our goal is to regularly provide updates via e-memos, website posts on nsnu.ca and on our social media platforms. You can follow the NSNU on Twitter at NS_Nurses and on Facebook at Nova Scotia Nurses’Union.

If you wish to speak to a labour relations representative or another NSNU team member visit our website for contact information at nsnu.ca/staff, call 902-469-1474 / 1-800-469-1474, or email nsnu.office [at] nsnu.ca.

NSNU would like to thank members for their understanding as we adjust to this emerging situation. The Nurses’ Union stands shoulder to shoulder with all members working on the frontlines of healthcare and those who work tirelessly to help the public. Be safe.


To view the latest issue of the NSNU newsletter, What’s Nu? click on the following link: nsnu.ca/feb-march2020. This issue contains information about COVID-19 preparedness which some members may find helpful.

Outlook on Nursing Survey

The CFNU will be suspending the Outlook on Nursing Survey until approximately May 25th. At that time the Advisory Committee will meet with the University of Toronto research team to decide when and how to restart it. All Universities have suspended non COVID-19 research or non-essential research. 


The pre-retirement seminar scheduled to take place at the NSNU on April 1 has been cancelled. Members are reminded that they can access a video presentation of a previous pre-retirement seminar at nsnu.ca/pre-retirement. The AGM and Education Day are postponed. We hope to reschedule these meetings to take place in the fall. Also postponed is the 29th Constitutional Convention of the Canadian Labour Congress scheduled this May in Vancouver. Eastern Labour School, planned for the first week of June, has been cancelled. 

CFNU Canadian Labour Congress