Bill 148 – The Public Services Sustainability Act

On August 22, 2017 government proclaimed Bill 148, the Public Services Sustainability Act. The Act imposes a wage package on 75,000 public sector workers, including nurses, that includes a two-year wage freeze, and ends a negotiated benefit – the Retirement Allowance, also known as the Long-Service Award.

Shortly after proclaiming Bill 148, the government referred the wage portion of the Act to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal for review. They did not seek a review of the Retirement Allowance / Long-Service Award. The unions that represent the affected workers were not invited to be party to the proceedings.

The NSNU, along with other unions has obtained permission from the Court to participate in the proceedings. If not present, the interests of our members may be compromised. Party status enables us to give evidence regarding the potential impact of the wage portion of Bill 148. We continue to push for a review of the Retirement Allowance / Long-Service Award by the Court.

The Unions, with the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, released the following statement on the Union’s request to be included in the Court proceedings for Bill 148:

Joint Union Media Release: Unions will seek to be added as parties as province tests constitutionality of portion of Bill 148 at Nova Scotia Court of Appeal

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