Board of Directors

Janet Hazelton, NSNU President
janet.hazelton [at]

Jen Thiele, 1st Vice President
jen.thiele [at]

 Jamie Stewart, VP Finance
  jamie.stewart [at]

Anne Boutilier, VP Central Region
anne.boutilier [at]


Gerri Oakley, VP Eastern Region
gerri.oakley [at]

Donna Gillis, VP Northern Region
donna.gillis [at]

Michelle Lowe, VP Western Region
michelle.lowe [at]

Natalie Nymark, VP of the IWK
natalie.nymark [at]

 Glenda Sabine, VP Long Term Care
 glenda.sabine [at]

Kim Williams, VP Community Care
kim.williams [at]

Maria Langille, VP Licensed Practical Nurses
maria.langille [at]

About the Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization, developing and managing NSNU policies and governing the NSNU between annual meetings.

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