Labour Day

Each Labour Day weekend, unions and other labour organizations take time to acknowledge our hard-working members, and the countless contributions they make in our communities. Your dedication and commitment to the workforce keeps our communities healthy and attractive places to live and grow.

For hundreds of years, unions have fought for the rights and freedoms workers experience. Our work is far from done, but together we continue to make improvements and face the obstacles that weigh us down. Together, we can achieve a better work-life balance, fair wages, safer workspaces, and more equitable opportunities.

Labour Day allows us to reflect on the strides we have made and the goals we still endeavour to achieve.

Labour Day celebrations will be taking place across the province on September 5th, inviting workers and their family and friends to join in the events. Parades, picnics, entertainment and more are slated to take place. Be sure to join in the fun.

Labour Day Events 2022


Whether you're able to attend a Labour Day event near you, or if you make the most of the day by spending time with family and friends, we would love to see how you celebrated! Send in your photos to [at]

The history of Labour Day in Canada is almost as long as the history of Canada itself. It has been marked as a statutory public holiday in Canada since 1894 – celebrated on the first Monday each September – it has long been enjoyed as the last long weekend of the summer for many.

labour day

Whether you spend the day off of work or receive some extra pay for working through the holiday, many look forward to this Monday without much thought on what Labour Day signifies.  

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