Organizational Response to Disease Outbreak: Health Care Study

Canadian researchers are interested in the experiences of employees working in healthcare settings (including, but not limited to, acute, community, and long-term care settings) during the current pandemic. Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union members are invited to participate in the research by completing a questionnaire.

The questionnaire focuses on your experiences at work, your own psychological well-being and your perceptions of how your organization has responded to the pandemic. Completing the survey takes about 20 minutes. Participation is completely voluntary, and all data collected are held in strict confidence – in no case will individuals ever be identified.

To participate, or learn more about the conditions of participation follow the link:

This research is being conducted by a team from Saint Mary’s University, University of Ottawa, Cape Breton University, Mount Allison University, and is funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Research, the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation and Research Nova Scotia.

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