What is a Grievance?

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What is a Grievance?

A grievance is a violation of agreement or difference of interpretation.

There are two types of grievances:

  1. Individual

    The most common types of individual grievances involve discipline, termination of employment, improper layoff, or denial of a benefit. It is an individual grievance as only one person is affected, and so the grievance is filed in the name of the individual. Individual grievances must be filed within ten days after the nurse becomes aware of the breach of agreement. The breach may indeed be an application of general policy and a policy grievance should be filed as well.
  2. Policy

    Policy grievances arise where a policy or practice is applied to all members of the bargaining unit. Therefore, it is a complaint by the Union that an action of the employer is in violation of the Collective Agreement that could affect all who are covered by that agreement.

Recent examples of policy grievances have been pro-rating education premiums for part timers, failure to permit chain dumping, treating those on lay off and doing additional/relief shifts as though they were casuals.

If you have a Grievance with your Employer, please contact a Local Executive member or your Labour Relations Representative.