NSNU Merchandise


NSNU Merchandise

The NSNU has a great selection of merchandise for sale to our members and locals. The merchandise makes for great door prizes at meetings and events, as well as perfect gifts for the NSNU member among your family and friends during National Nursing Week.

We have a wide array of items to choose from. Some are small and easy to pass out at events, like pens and credit card holders. Others are perfect for someone who likes to show NSNU pride, like sweatshirts, scarves, travel mugs, bags and hats.

Have a look at the kinds of products the NSNU keeps in stock. If you are interested in picking up NSNU merchandise in small or large quantities, please contact . You can place an order, or drop by the office to browse the selection.

Clothing and Outerwear

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Small Gift Items

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Please note: Not all items shown will always be in stock.  Not all items for sale by NSNU are shown on the website. If you are interested in a particular item, please contact  to determine its availability.

Price Ranges

Sweatshirts All sweatshirts range from $15 - $50
T-Shirts All T- shirts range $5 - $30
Jackets All jackets range from $15 - $48
Bags $5 - $20
Scarves $10
Hats $5
Mints $1
Credit Card Holders $5
Travel Mugs $10
Pens $1 - $3








Please contact for prices for specific items.

The NSNU does not profit from sales of branded materials. All items are sold at cost.