Research and Education Documents

Research Documents

Please view the research papers below. These papers have been published by various contributors, and through the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions. 

10 Things Everyone Should Know about Cannabis

Presentation Date: April 25, 2018 – NSNU AGM
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Workplace Violence Prevention - Moving from Complacency to Courage: An Occupational Health and Safety Forum

Presentation Date: April 28, 2016 – NSNU AGM
Presented by Erna Bujna, Ontario Nurses’ Association
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Bridging the Generational Divide: Nurses United in Providing Quality Patient Care

Publication Date: Thu, 2016-01-28
Read the full report on Bridging the General Divide

The Canada Health Transfer Disconnect: An Aging Population, Rising Health Care Costs and a Shrinking Federal Role in Funding

Publication Date: Thu, 2015-07-16
Read the full report on The Canada Health Transfer Disconnect

Before It’s Too Late: A National Plan for Safe Seniors’ Care

Publication Date: Thu, 2015-07-09
Read the full report Before It's Too Late: A National Plan for Safe Seniors' Care

Nursing Workload and Patient Care: Understanding the value of nurses, the effects of excessive workload, and how nurse-patient ratios and dynamic staffing models can help

Publication date: Thu, 2012-10-04
Read the comprehensive report on Nursing Workload and Patient Care

The Economic Case for Universal Pharmacare

Publication date: Tue, 2011-07-12

Canada is the third most expensive country in the world for brand-name drugs. Studies have shown that a National universal public Pharmacare plan would save billions of dollars for Canadians, improve health outcomes and reduce suffering. The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions urges all candidates to support a comprehensive public national drug plan. 

Read the comprehensive report The Economic Case for Universal Pharmacare