Course Descriptions

Regional Ed 2

Regional Education Course Descriptions

Leadership in the Nursing Profession (60 minutes)

More than ever, nurses are expected to play a leadership role in the workplace. This includes directing other staff, managing workloads and exercising expert clinical judgment. Oftentimes, nurses are expected to pick up these skills on the job, with little preparation or training. This course helps participants better understand their role as leaders in the workplace and provides guidance on how to exercise that leadership more effectively.

Nursing and the Social Determinants of Health (60 minutes)

Many factors combine to affect the health of individuals and communities, including income, environment, race, genetics, education, and relationships with friends and family. This session will provide nurses with valuable insights into these factors and help them understand how they can shape their nursing practice.

Building Psychologically Health Workplaces (60 minutes)

The nursing work-life presents challenges on many fronts. Workloads and stress levels are high, there are high levels of workplace violence, and conflict and burnout are common. This course will examine psychological health risk factors in the workplace and ways in which nurses can help address them, improving both their own health, and patient care.

Cannabis and the Nursing Profession (60 minutes)

The legalization of cannabis has made some challenges more prevalent for nurses. What are the impairment effects and how does it affect one’s ability to work? What does the legalization of recreational cannabis mean for medicinal users? What rights do employers have to test for cannabis use? This course will cover many of these basic questions so that members have a better understanding of the impact of cannabis on work-life issues.

Online Grievance and Clinical Capacity Report Process (60 minutes, 0 points)

Beginning in the fall, NSNU members will be able to submit grievances and clinical capacity reports via the members portal on the NSNU website. This course will teach members how to use the online forms and will highlight key changes compared to previous practice.

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