Independent Assessment Committees

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Independent Assessment Committees

In acute care the NSNU works with Bargaining Unit Grievance Labour Management (BUGLM). Meetings are held every six weeks to enable employers, nurses and labour relations representatives of the NSNU to meet on matters of importance to all parties.

In long term care we work with the Union Management Consultation Committee (UMCC), which is the equivalent of the BUGLM model in addressing workplace and labour issues.

If the Union side of BUGLM or UMCC believes the response to a clinical capacity concern from the CEO (or designate) is not satisfactory, the matter is then referred to an Independent Assessment Committee (IAC) comprised of equal members from the employer and the union. Committee members will schedule a meeting as soon as possible. The members of the IAC will typically be different than the parties involved in the dispute. Ordinarily, we anticipate that there will be two members from each side, unless the parties agree to more.

Prior to the meeting, both sides will be provided with the relevant documentation including the CCR and the manager’s response, the response by BUGLM and the response of the CEO. Furthermore, either side may request relevant information from the other prior to the actual dates of the committee meeting. This could include background information on the hospital (e.g. its size and location), a description of the unit, floor, ward involved, a floor plan, job descriptions, an outline of the patient classification system (if there is one), hospital policies, relevant collective agreement language and any other material which could help the committee in its determinations.