NSNU Provincial Budget Submission

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NSNU 2016 Provincial Budget Submission

In February 2016 the Nova Scotia Department of Finance called on the public for submissions to be considered for the 2016 Provincial Budget. In the process of completing the report, Broken Homes – Nurses speak out on the state of long-term care in Nova Scotia and chart a course for a sustainable future, the NSNU determined several areas in which additional spending is needed to ensure safe and sustainable patient care, as well as areas where savings could be found.

The following document is the full submission prepared by the NSNU, provided to the Department of Finance on February 26, 2016. These recommendations are essential to addressing many of the issues discussed in Broken Homes, as well as other issues that affect health care in Nova Scotia, including the need for NS to participate in the development of a National Pharmacare Plan and a Health and Social Accord.

NSNU Budget Submission 2016