Influenza Immunization

Poster 6

Get the Shot, Not the Flu

Do you remember the last time you got the flu? The coughing? The sneezing? The aching? The runny nose? The sore throat? The complete and utter exhaustion, paired with the total inability to get a good night’s sleep?

There’s no doubt about it – getting the flu is miserable.

People of all ages, even those who are otherwise healthy, should take the time to get the flu shot. For nurses and others working in health care, getting the shot can help keep you and your patients healthy, including those who are immunocompromised. Many health facilities offer on-site immunization clinics for employees. Check with your employer to see if a clinic is will be held at your workplace.

Let’s work together to prevent getting and spreading the flu this season. Get the shot, and encourage others to do so as well.

View our flu campaign commercials below, as well as information about where to get the vaccine, what’s in it, and what else you can do to prevent getting and spreading the flu this season.