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NSNU Wins CFNU Competition for a Cause

Since November NSNU has been calling on our members to sign a parliamentary petition on workplace violence created by the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions. As an incentive to encourage nurses to sign, CFNU launched a friendly competition to see which member organization could amass the most signatures per capita among their membership.

It is with great pride that we announce NSNU and our fabulous nurses have won the competition. As the winners, NSNU has been awarded $1,500 and free registration by the CFNU to sponsor one of our members to attend the Biennium in Fredericton, June 3-7.

If you would like to be entered in this draw, please email your name, designation and local to by 4pm on Friday, March 8th. The draw will be made March 11.

Thank you NSNU members for taking the time to sign the petition and share it among your social networks. NSNU Proud!

The petition closed February 20 with a total of 8,743 signatures. The petition sponsor, MP Doug Eyolfson, will formally present the petition in the House of Commons later next week. We wish him much success.