Survey: Occupational Stress Injuries Among Nurses

2019.06 PTSDSurveyShare

Participate in Ground-breaking Survey on Occupational Stress Injuries Among Nurses

The University of Regina’s Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment has developed a survey to identify the prevalence, and root causes, of occupational stress injuries among nurses in order to provide recommendations for effective support and prevention. The survey was developed with the support of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions and its member organizations, including the NSNU.

“Occupational Stress Injuries (OSIs)” refers to work-related mental health issues including PTSD, depression and anxiety. This is the first anonymous, Canada-wide assessment of its kind, aiming to fill an important information gap about the prevalence of stress injuries among nurses. To date there has never been another national effort to identify risk factors to help inform programs and to prevent and respond to these injuries.

We encourage all NSNU members to complete this important survey, available at the link below. The deadline to complete the survey is September 30, 2019.

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