Pursuant to Article 4:03(b), 4:03 (e) and Article 5:05 of the Constitution, there shall be Standing Committees of the Union as follows:

Committees of the Board of Directors:

  • Executive Committee
  • Personnel Committee

Committees of the Union:

  • AGM Operations and Nominations
  • Constitution/Resolutions
  • Finance Committee
  • Education

The members at large of the Annual General Meeting Operations and Nominations Committee will be appointed by the Board of Directors after calling for and reviewing expressions of interest. Following their selection, the members of that Committee will review the expressions of interests for the other Standing Committees of the Union and will select the members-at-large of those other Standing Committees. It will make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the appointment of the members-at-large of the other Standing Committees.

Using the same process, the Board will also appoint alternate members at large for each Standing Committee. These alternates will fill the vacancy of a member at large for any meeting of a Standing Committee where required or on a permanent basis if the member at large ceases to act as a member of a Standing Committee.

The term of appointment of the members at large to the Standing Committees of the Union shall be the same as that of the Board of Directors.

Members at large of Standing Committees of the Union (but not alternates) shall have the right to attend Annual Meetings of the Union at the sponsorship of the Union. These members at large shall be observers only and will not have the right to vote.